Client Testimonials

Speaking Testimonials

“I recently heard Karen speak at The Mommie Series event in Houston where Green Plate Kids was a sponsor. Her talk on work/life balance was engaging and relevant to so many women in the audience and in our society today. As a single working mom who runs her own business, I can testify to challenges of balancing work and family. Karen really put things in perspective and had some great tips and advice. Karen would be a great speaker and consultant for people looking to create a better balance or assist them with these transitions.”

Lisa Pounds –


“I highly recommend Karen Terry. I recently interviewed her for my Decisive Success Strategies series and was so impressed with what she is doing. As a speaker, she shared many invaluable marketing tips that will help my audience attract their ideal clients. As a coach, she is able to help women find a path of life balance and a profitable business.”

Michele Scism –


“Your presentation was FABULOUS!”

Lina Lawson, National President, ABWA


“We have asked Karen back as a BJM regular presenter several times. Her topic ‘Both Sides Now:  Choosing Between the Corporate World and Self-Employment’ is extremely relevant to today’s job seeker to help them determine whether or not to continue their job search or start their own business. Karen’s talks always get rave reviews and I believe she would be an excellent speaker for any venue.”

John A. Edge – Training Coordinator, Between Jobs Ministries North Houston


Coaching Testimonials

Business Coaching

“As a fellow GIS and training professional, I hired Karen to coach me through a particular aspect of running my own training/consulting business. She was a real catalyst for change. As soon as I began working with her, things starting moving in new and unexpected ways. I recommend Karen for anyone in GIS who wants to move their career to a new level. She has the experience, depth and breadth to guide you — be it in landing a job, starting your own business, or transitioning to a new career.”

Michelle Mattix


“I have been working with Karen for about a year now. She has not only been a dear friend, but her suggestions and ideas have made me see possibilities that I had not thought about before on my own. I love her style – she is very gentle and non-invasive. I highly recommend her if you’re ready to “go big!””

Julie Geigle


“When I first started working with Karen, one of my long-term goals was to write a book. In the meantime, we focused on marketing strategies, building up my business, and increasing my profile. Today we have done all of that and more! Karen recommended Dan Janal’s PR Leads service, so that I could attain more exposure for the online classes that I offer. As a result of that press release, not only did I sell more classes due to national exposure, but I was also asked to co-author a book titled Amazing Grades, ultimately fulfilling my original goal!

In short, Karen is a business coach with real world business experience. I appreciate her honest approach and her knowledge of what works and doesn’t work. Karen helps me think through problems and develop solutions; as a small business owner I’m thankful to have her there to bounce ideas off of. With so many business coaches out there promising unrealistic results, it is nice to have a personable coach who is willing to tell it like it is. I highly recommend Karen Terry to anyone looking for that extra push or accountability for your business.”

Megan Dorsey
College Prep, LLC


“Working with Karen Terry has been amazing and the best experience as a business coach! Karen kept me focused and gave me input on the format of my book and publishing options. She saved me money, time and headache. The next phase Karen assisted me in was the next level of my business, since the business owner always has so much to do, she helped me break everything down into manageable steps and goals. I feel much more confident now using my time and energy wisely. I recommend that every business owner hire Karen Terry as their business coach or book consultant.”

Lisa Giesler
Professional Organizer/Speaker

“I talked with Karen prior to starting my own business. She gave me a lot of good ideas, and coached me throughout the process. Today I have been self-employed for 8 years, and I have always had work and been busy. Getting started without her expertise would’ve taken me a lot longer and my ‘start-up phase’ would’ve been a lot tougher without her help. If you are thinking about going out on your own, then I highly recommend hiring Karen to coach you through the process.”

Marit Tenfjord
Austin, Texas


“After my last job in Corporate America, I was looking at starting my own business. However, I was totally overwhelmed at first and didn’t know where to start! I found Karen and enrolled in her “Make the Leap” (to starting your own business) coaching system. Through her step-by-step process, I went from being totally overwhelmed to seeing the progress I was making. Karen helped me with everything from branding to creating an online presence to designing packages to offer my customers. I looked forward to her written assignments in-between coaching sessions because it made things easier for me. Eventually it all came together and I would highly recommend Karen to every New Business Owner looking for a head start.”

Chinyere (Chichi) Ukomadu, PMP

Career Change or Career Transition

“I hired Karen as a career and business coach as I was transitioning out of one career into the world of entrepreneurship. Her support and ideas on how to build a business during this critical time were much needed and appreciated. Because of her background in technology, Karen understood the lingo and other aspects of my technical field. I found her coaching and caring to be very helpful to me!”

Ilyanna Kadich

“I highly recommend Karen to those engaged in an active job search and guidance in their career management. Today’s market is ever evolving. Karen is knowledgeable and in touch with the techniques necessary for a successful job search and career succession. Her counsel has produced results. I consider her a valued and trusted resource and one I will continue to seek out.”

Chris Rainey


“I saw Karen speak at the Houston Career Initiative, where she offered a free consultation to some of the attendees. My first thought was: “Yea right, I am going to get a ‘free’ consultation. It will probably only be 15 minutes if that.  I was so wrong.  Actually, Karen began by telling me that we could talk about anything and that her consultation would last about 45 minutes… Well, it lasted 52 minutes…..yes 52 minutes!!! Not only did Karen do a good job during her presentation, but she’s even better on the phone one-on-one! I don’t open up to someone immediately, and Karen is so personable, calming to talk to and  GREAT listener!!!!”

Janice Love, Houston


After I was laid off from my job I had a coaching session with Karen. I had never had a coaching session before, and Karen’s insight helped me to see that there is something better out there for myself. Coaching is great! I now look at being laid off as an opportunity, rather than a setback. I truly believe that it gives me the opportunity to do something I really want to do instead of just getting another job. With Karen’s help, we are now exploring business options.

Sandra, Houston


“I had been laid off and was in-between jobs for several months. At that point, I was feeling pretty down. I met Karen at a networking meeting and had a 1 hour coaching session with her soon after. Karen helped me with many ideas that I had not thought of before that will help move me forward in my job search. Her insight is very perceptive and courageous.  Her manner is kind, helpful and non-judgemental. During that hour, I felt free to express my dreams, fears, aspirations and unaccomplished goals. Karen was a good listener, asked provocative questions and towards the end of the call, made a fairly weighted summation of the points we had covered. But the best part . . . in the next 2 weeks I landed a job!”

Pamela (Houston, TX)


“I hired Karen in the summer of 2011 after I had been laid off for a few months. Before hiring Karen, I was pretty ‘stuck’ in my job search. Karen’s suggestions, connections in GIS, and overall guidance made it easier. I don’t think I could’ve found a new opportunity or a new career path without her help!”

Summer   (Houston, TX)


“I would recommend Karen to anyone that is facing career decisions and would like to thoroughly assess the options available.  She helped me out of a real low period and has been an inspiration and a source of motivation for me.  She asked me the difficult questions that allowed me to recognize patterns and circumstances that were counterproductive and work on a plan of action to achieving the career of my dreams.”

– New Client May 2011


“I visited with Karen per my friend’s suggestion and found her advice very helpful and supportive. I had been laid off for close to a year at that point, and was feeling rather weary. In only one session, Karen provided some very clear and direct suggestions on how to get back on track which I used. Per her suggestion, I also started taking some GIS classes which I will be able to use in my new job that I just got! I highly recommend her and her insight.”

Laura Kulecz
Transportation Planner

Houston, Texas

“I was feeling slightly plateaued in my career and in my life; this was a first for me. I had been in my current career for several years, but realized it was not the best time to make a career change, because my husband and I were planning on having another child soon. After only one session with Karen, she suggested some new goals which didn’t require a complete change in direction (good timing for me). Karen is a good coach because she knows my field, the people in it, the acronyms, and because she is also a mom as well as a business owner, she helped me figure out some work/life balance issues in addition to my career situation.”

New Client
February 2011


Life Coaching

“One reason that I talk to Karen is because I need to think of the future more and to plan for it more versus just living in the ‘here-and-now.’”

Name Withheld

“Karen asked me important questions that I was either too lazy or too scared to ask myself. I was living day-to-day with no goals and no plan, and Karen forced me to reevaluate where I was in life.”

Name Withheld

“Thank you for your call today. The questions you use and the sequence are illuminating. They help your conversant focus.”

J. Anthony Cavell, PLS, CFedS
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“Karen is a very good coach. Rather than ‘stay the course’ regarding my life goals, I was ready to quit. But Karen persisted and I changed my mind and decided to stick to the program. When Karen and I work together, I feel the ‘Aha!’ moment on many occasions.”

Kristine Lasam

Fertility Coaching

“I was feeling completely isolated during my fertility treatment. All of my friends drifted away because they could not empathize with what I was going through. Karen helped me figure out that friendships are based on similarities, and if you don’t have the commonalities then you won’t have the friendships. After that I was able to get in touch with a support group who could understand and relate to what I was going through.”

Name Withheld

“It was very helpful to find a coach who actually understands the emotional ups-and-downs of fertility treatment. I enjoyed talking to Karen because she has been through it and not only understands the vernacular, but also can empathize with what you are going through, which is very important. There are not many people who have that ability.”

Name Withheld

“I was so excited to finally get pregnant that I didn’t think about what comes next. Karen made me stop and think about what would happen after the baby was born. She truly helped me because I honestly had not thought that far ahead.”

Name Withheld

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