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The issues women face in their lives and careers – as both moms and as working professionals – are very different than those of men.

At some point, women face several decisions in the context of their career continuum:  1) getting their first job out of college, 2) how to advance in Corporate America, 3) whether or not (or when) to start a family, 4) then after having a baby, whether or not to stay in Corporate America, and finally 5) if they do leave, what to do next or how to start their own business for more flexibility. Even women who don’t have families eventually hit the “glass ceiling” in the working world and at that point decide they have enough skills and experience to leave and go out on their own, start a business, or change careers. All of these things are part of your combined working years. As a business and career coach, I help many busy working women sort through these different issues. Below are some of my coaching specialties:

“Make the Leap” Coaching Package

For women who want to start a business but don’t know how, don’t know where to start, or find the entire process overwhelming. I work with clients who are looking to leave or transition out of a full-time job (whether it’s in Corporate America, a non-profit organization, or government entity, etc.) and start their own businesses. Others have been laid off and/or their jobs have been lost through outsourcing.

Through my “Make the Leap” program, my clients learn a structured step-by-step system of how to start their own business, supported by my coaching/mentoring and a lot of hand-holding along the way. As a result, my clients achieve greater success than those who simply “dive in” in a haphazard way or quit their jobs “cold turkey” without having a plan in place or anything else to go to. For client testimonials, click here.

If you’ve ever even had a passing thought about leaving your job to start your own business, or go out on your own, but don’t know the first thing about it or where to start, then please enter your name and email address in the box to the right and you will receive a copy of my free report “Top 10 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make.” If you are miserable in your job, what’s it worth to you to leave? (Certainly an email address!)

Business Sounding Board Coaching

Are you a solo-preneur (solo entrepreneur) or new business owner who works from home? Do you often find yourself with lack of synergy or lack of energy, just because you have few daily interactions with people and/or you are tired of looking at the four walls? Then my Business Sounding Board coaching package is perfect for you! This is exactly for new or existing business owners who need new ideas, help growing their business, someone to “bounce ideas off of” during the day, and/or find ways to do things better. Sometimes it helps to have an objective mentor to talk to!


Coordinated Marketing Strategy (CMS)

Perfect for the existing business owner who wants to grow their business and/or take it to the next level! A custom marketing strategy designed specifically for you and your business guaranteed to get results!


90 Days to a New Career

If you’ve ever wanted to change careers, or have had a successful career in one profession but are feeling unfulfilled and wondered “Where do I go from here?” or “Now What?” this is the perfect package for you!


Infertility Coaching

Many women in their 20s tend to be very career-oriented, and often will postpone having a family so they can get established in a career. Once a woman does decide to go ahead and have a family (it’s very rewarding by the way), one thing that can completely catch them off guard is not being able to get pregnant. Infertility can be completely unexpected (and expensive!) and most women are simply not prepared to deal with it, especially if it turns into a long-term thing. Those who have never undergone infertility treatment firsthand often have only a superficial understanding of it.

Because I have experienced infertility personally, I have had the opportunity to coach many women on this topic. As a career coach for women I am amazed at how often this topic comes up when I give my talk on Work/Life Balance and discuss the pros and cons of waiting to have children later in life when you already have a successful career. Very few coaches can empathize and relate to someone going through infertility treatment. Not only it is a very personal and private matter, but it is also confusing and stressful – not to mention physically, emotionally, and financially draining. If you – or someone you know – is in this place, please have them give me a call for a complimentary coaching session to see if I can help.


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